Vol. 9 Number 5 / 2008

1.   Approaching the Organizational Change Read abstract...
Authors: Marian NĂSTASE and Cătălina RADU
2.   Corporate Axemen: Executioners Reflections
on their Downsizing Experience
Read abstract...
Author: Franco GANDOLFI
3.   Characteristics of Social Dialogue in
USA, Japan and Europe
Read abstract...
Authors: Cristian MARINAŞ and
4.   A Managerial Comparative Approach among
some Latin American Countries
(Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)
Read abstract...
Author: Amedeo ISTOCESCU
5.   Quality Management and Culture of the
Higher Education System
Read abstract...
Author: Silvia OLARU
6.   Preparing Country and Firms for Slow Down
in the Economy The Structured Research
Joint Venture (SRJV) Option
Read abstract...
Author: Amiram PORATH
7.   Organizational Culture within
Cultural Organization
Read abstract...
Author: Ionel ENACHE
8.   Labor Management in Agriculture: Cultivating Personnel Read abstract...
Authors: Alina CREŢU and Roberta STANEF
9.   Financial Crisis Management
for the World Economy
Read abstract...
Author: Elena GURGU
10.   Managing the Quality
of Romanian Medical Services
as Compared to other Medical Systems
Read abstract...
Author: Magdalena BARBU
11.   Innovation during an Era of Downsizing Read abstract...
Authors: Gary OSTER and Franco GANDOLFI
12.   Management of Local and
Regional Development
Read abstract...
Author: Doina POPESCU