Vol. 25 No. 2 / 2024

1. Socio-Professional Integration and Organisational Stress Read article
Authors: Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Ancuța-Loredana CĂRĂUȘ
2. ESG Factors and Relationship with Performance: A Bibliometric Analysis Read article
Authors: Hussein Ali MROUEH
3. Blockchain Digital Innovation: A Bibliometric Analysis Read article
Authors: Irina Iulia SALANTĂ, Ioana Natalia, BELEIU, Ovidiu Niculae BORDEAN, Emil Lucian CRIȘAN
4. Examining the Connections between Knowledge Dynamics, Customer Knowledge Management, and Open Innovation: A Bibliometric Analysis Read article
Authors: Andreea Bianca CAMARA
5. Curbing Tax Evasion in the Digital Marketplace: A Multifaceted Approach Read article
Authors: Alin-Flavius MARTA, Mohamad H. SHAHROUR
6. Exploring the ESG Surge: A Systematic Review of ESG and CSR Dynamics Read article
Authors: Claudia OPRESCU, Mihaela-Roxana MARCU
7. Bibliometric Analysis of Specialized Literature in the Field of Entrepreneurship Regarding SMEs Read article
Authors: Oana PRICOPOAIA, Ionica IVAN, Ciprian MATIS
8. Comparative Study on Labor Management in Romania and Spain Read article
Authors: Carmen Valentina RADULESCU, Ovidiu Andrei Cristian BUZOIANU, Madalina MONCEA, Carol Cristina GOMBOS, Laurențiu COROBAN
9. Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Management Research: A Large-Scale Bibliometric Topic Mapping Analysis of the Interval 2020-2023 Read article
Authors: Cristian VIDU
10. Approaches to the Influence of Uncertainties on Poverty Risk in The European Union Read article
Authors: Alina MECA, Laurențiu-Nicolae PRICOPE, Monica Laura ZLATI
11. Student Insights into Learning Experiences Study Case: USAMV Bucharest Read article
Authors: Sorin-Iulian MERLUȘCĂ
12. Management of Performing Teams in the Conditions of a VUCA Environment Read article
Authors: Elena Casandra NIȚULESCU
13. Owned Stadiums in Italy: General Overview and Comparison with European Clubs Read article
Authors: Mirko MOZZILLO, Fabio Michele AMATUCCI
14. Impact of Leadership Styles on Organizational Performance and Employee Retention – Case Study of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria Read article
Authors: Flavius Cosmin DARIE
15. Aspects of the Management Style of Top Managers of the Treatment Centers for Women Violence. The Israeli Case Read article
Authors: Boushra WAKED NAJAR
16. Advancing Organizational and Societal Growth: The Role of Social Entrepreneurship within Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Read article
Authors: Maruf Mohammad Sirajum MONIR, Alula Nerea GEBEREMESKEL
17. School Leadership Styles and Their Impact on Teacher Attitudes and Job Satisfaction in Israeli High Schools Read article
Authors: Deborah SCHWARTZ
18. EU Funds for Digitalization. The Post-COVID Strategies and Outcomes of Romania Read article
Authors: Marian OANCEA