Vol. 25 No. 1 / 2024

1. The Relationship between Cyber Risk Management and Digital Transformation. A Bibliometric Analysis Read article
Authors: Manuela CATRINA, Alexandru-Mihai GHIGIU
2. The Reality of Management with Competencies in Improving Institutional Performance (A Case Study of the Djezzy Foundation for Bechar Agency) Read article
Authors: Guessabi MOUSSA, Guessabi BACHIR
3. Projects with and on Entrepreneurship at Petrosani University Read article
Authors: Claudia ISAC, Anca Jarmila GUȚĂ
4. Application of the Ref Method in the Evaluation of Trade Efficiency in Serbia Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIĆ
5. The Impact of Knowledge Vulnerabilities on Knowledge Risks Read article
Authors: Constantin BRATIANU, Ruxandra BEJINARU, Vlad-Mihai URSACHE
6. The Link between Innovation and Customer Relationship Management: The Analysis of Web Discourse of Multinational Companies Read article
Authors: Ioan-Alexandru RÎPA, Luminița NICOLESCU
7. The Impact of Digitization on the Preservation of National Identity Read article
Authors: Grigore-Teodor SAMOILĂ, Alina SAMOILĂ, Iliodor-Tiberiu PLEȘA, Teodora-Nicoleta PLEȘA
8. The Association between the Health Crisis and Economic Evolutions at Country Level. A Comparative Analysis Read article
Authors: Adrian Tudor TUDORACHE
9. Navigating the Digitalization Journey of SMEs: Insights from the COVID-19 Pandemic Read article
Authors: Waqar BADSHAH
10. The Relationship between School Management and the Use of Innovative Teaching Methods in Arab Schools in Israel Read article
Authors: Yumna NATOUR
11. Developing Managerial Approaches in Football Field Read article
Authors: Narcis RĂDUCAN