Vol. 24 No. 3 / 2023

1. Career Success and Work Attitudes: Insights from Top Leadership Read article
Authors: Adela JANSEN, Isabelle BICLESANU, Alina Mihaela DIMA, Iudith Anci KIS, Sebastien POINT
2. Counterfeiting and Demographics: What Factors Influence the Buying Process of Portuguese Consumers? Read article
Authors: Susana BERNARDINO, J. Freitas SANTOS, Isabel ANTUNES, Joana ALVES
3. A Bibliometric Analysis of a Four-Construct Framework: Transformational Leadership, Employee Engagement, Well-Being and Burnout Read article
Authors: Florina VINTILĂ
4. Digital Interactions with Public Authorities in Romania and Other Eastern European Member States: A Predictive Model Read article
Authors: Liviu-Andrei TOADER, Dorel Mihai PARASCHIV, Daniela Ioana MANEA
5. Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management - Challenges and Future Research Recommendations Read article
Authors: Mandeep KAUR, Franco GANDOLFI
6. Key Value Driver for Technology Start-up Companies: A Literature Review Read article
Authors: Satoshi ITO
7. Digital Learning Management for Adolescents Read article
Authors: Alexandra CONSTANTIN, Camelia STĂICULESCU
8. What are State-Owned Enterprises? Read article
Authors: Ioana Andreea CIOLOMIC, Ioana Natalia BELEIU
9. Diagnosis of Quality Management in the Call Center Industry Read article
Authors: Adrian POP
10. The Relationship between the Leadership Styles of School Principals and the School Culture Types in High Schools from Haifa District Read article
11. Teachers' Demographic Characteristics and the Principals Leadership Styles in Bedouin Schools in Israel Read article
Authors: Sleiman ABURKAYEK