Vol. 24 No. 2 / 2023

1. Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures for Agriculture: is there any Connection in between GRI 13 AND IAS 41? Read article
Authors: Răzvan HOINARU, Daniel BUDA, Jonel SUBIC, Adela JANSEN
2. Workforce Participation in Active Labour Market Policies: A Comparative Analysis in EU Member States Read article
Authors: Alic BÎRCĂ
3. National Security Intelligence and Business Intelligence: A Comparative Analysis Read article
Authors: Constantin BRĂTIANU, Nicolae Alexandru BUDEANU
4. Financial Instruments for Decarbonization: LikelY Pathways in the Romanian Economy Read article
Authors: Corina MURAFA, Theodor COJOIANU
5. Risks and Vulnerabilities in Online Commerce Read article
Authors: Alin-Flavius MARTA, Margareta Stela FLORESCU, Laurențiu COROBAN
6. Analysis of the Trade Performance of the European Union and Serbia on thE Base of FF-Waspas and Waspas Methods Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC
7. Energy Price Liberalization Consequences on Energy Production Market in the European Union Read article
Authors: Stelian GRASU, Ruxandra Mădălina POPP, Marius George POPA
8. Building a Unique Distributed Pan-European Research Infrastructure Related to Food & Health Domain Read article
Authors: Corina Georgiana ȘERBAN (PATRINTAS), Andreea-Nicoleta BICHEL, Maria-Luiza PASCAL
9. A Net-Zero World, Climate Technology and Business Models Read article
Authors: Andreea GRECU
10. The Impact of Society 5.0 on Supply Chain Management: Opportunities and Challenges Read article
Authors: Gabriela Ioana ENACHE
11. The Role of Media Consumption in Building Trust in the Romanian Mass Media Read article
Authors: Cristian BRANCU, Oana TURCU
12. The Impact of Access to European Funds in Romania in the 2014-2022 Period Read article
Authors: Iulia Alexandra OPREA, Nicoleta (Ilie) MARIN, Ștefan Alin TODERASC