Vol. 24 No. 1 / 2023

1. Reward Management in Romanian Companies: Some Issues and Facts Read article
Authors: Cristian Virgil MARINAŞ, Ramona Ştefania IGREŢ, Monica TRICULESCU, Georgiana COSTACHE
2. Strategic Aspects of Human Capital Development: Good Practices from Kuwait Read article
3. The Importance of Managerial Control Systems in the Framework of Economic Entities in Romania Read article
Authors: Cătălina SITNIKOV, Carmen Maria MIHALCEA, Sofia Mihaela ROMANESCU
4. A Bibliometric Analysis on Digitalization During the COVID-19 Pandemic Read article
Authors: Valentin STOICA
5. The State of the Pre-University Education System in Romania. Is Educational Management Professional and Based on Responsibility? Read article
Authors: Alina Nicoleta BONCILICĂ
6. Improving the Management Performance of the Military Medical Supply Chain for Mission Readiness Read article
Authors: Daher YOUSEF, Bibu NICOLAE
7. Digital Leadership Competencies: A Systematic Literature Review Read article
Authors: Julia Anamaria ȘIȘU
8. COVID-19 Crisis Impact on Leadership: Innovation, Digitalization and CSR Dimensions Read article
Authors: Corina Georgiana ȘERBAN (PATRINTAS), Andreea-Nicoleta BICHEL, Denisa ȚĂRANU, Dragoș BUJOR
9. The Role of Managerial Skills Through Coaching within the Contemporary Economy Read article
Authors: Ionela STANCA PETRUTA, Denisa Mihaela ȘULĂ, Liliana NICOLAE ȘTEFAN
10. The Manager Profile in the Cultural Institutions. Case Study - the Students’ Cultural Houses from Romania Read article
Authors: Flavius-Lucian MILĂȘAN
11. Strategically Managing the Budget of Higher Education Institutions in Romania. An Experts’ Perspective Read article
Authors: Oana CHIRICA, Mihaela RUSU, Mădălina-Elena STRATONE
12. Female Entrepreneur Leadership Style and Business Success Read article
Authors: Nkiruka Eugenia IFEKWEM, Jennifer Chinenye OKEY-NWOSU
13. Managerial Communication from the Perspective of Increasing the Performance of Enterprises Read article
Authors: Daniela Corina ROTESCU, Cristinel Sorin SPINU, Ionuț RIZA, Irina Andreea PEGULESCU