Vol. 23 No. 4 / 2022

1. Business Innovation Policy and the ICT Phenomenon Read article
Authors: Amalia-Elena ION, Ana-Maria ZAMFIR, Cristina MOCANU
2. What are the Reasons for Low Performance of Minority Employees in an Organization? Read article
Authors: Ciprian LUSCAN
3. Empirical Research on The Ethics of Creative Accounting Read article
Authors: Ibrahim Khalil ALLOUCH, Hassan Hasib KANSO, Ali Habib SERHAN
4. A Bibliometric Analysis on Organizational Behavior Read article
Authors: Monica TRICULESCU
5. Job Crafting: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Published Research Works Read article
Authors: Andra Nicoleta ILIESCU
6. A Comparative View on Venture Capital Funding in US and EU Read article
Authors: Cristian NEGRU?IU
7. The Mentoring Process of First Year Teachers - A System Analysis and Predictions for Tomorrow's Society Read article
Authors: Vladimir-Aurelian EN─éCHESCU
8. The Impact of the Energy Crisis on the Final Consumers of Energy Read article
Authors: Oana PRICOPOAIA, Irina SUSANU, Ciprian MATIS, Nicoleta CRISTACHE, Sabin MURARIU, Tincu╚Ťa VRABIE