Vol. 23 No. 3 / 2022

1. A Bibliometric Analysis of Cultural Intelligence and Multicultural Leadership Read article
Authors: Constantin BRATIANU, Dan PAIUC
2. Repeat Downsizing: Legacy, Recency and Sensitisation Effects Read article
Authors: Susel ARZUAGA, Franco GANDOLFI
3. E-management: Tools and Techniques of Leaders in Non-Profit Organizations for Online Volunteer Work Read article
Authors: Ela ABDULKADIR, Cosmin DOBRIN
4. Causes and Effects of Organizational Cynicism and its Relationship with Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction in Afghanistan NGOS Read article
Authors: Yama YOLDASH, Nicoleta ISAC
5. Analysis of Investment Efficiency of Distribution Trade of Selective Countries of the European Union and Serbia on the Basis of Trust Method Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC
6. The Need for Participatory Management in the Defence and National Security System Read article
Authors: Florin Aurel BERAR, Mihaela MINCIU, Tong WU
7. Aggregate Food Security Measurement Indicators: Current Status and Perspectives Read article
Authors: Mahmoud TARHINI
8. What Kind of Business Ventures Should the European Union Funding Target in Central and Eastern Europe Read article
Authors: Angel-Cristian OLTEŢEANU
9. Human Resources Management – A strategic Key towards Public Hospital Performance Read article
Authors: Yasmin A. MOBASHER
10. Managing the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Future of Jobs. A Sectoral Approach. A Semi-Systematic Literature Review Read article
11. The Impact of Digital Transformation on Staffing Strategy in Banking Sector: A Case Study of Egypt Read article
Authors: Asser A. KHAMS