Vol. 23 No. 1 / 2022

1. The Leadership Styles of School Principals in Secondary Schools in East Jerusalem Read article
Authors: Shadi THAHER, Diana SALA, Marian NASTASE
2. Investments in Human Resource Development - A Growing Concern for Organizations Read article
Authors: Alic BÎRCĂ
3. Reflections on New Service Development in Healthcare Industry Read article
Authors: Emil Lucian CRIȘAN
4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Jobs: The Impact of Pandemic on Governmental Organizations in Istanbul - Turkey Read article
Authors: Noha DIAB, Nicoleta ISAC, Cosmin DOBRIN
5. Analysis of Productivity of Distribution Trade of Selective Countries of the European Union, Russia and Serbia Based on the OCRA Method Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC
6. Standardization of Entrepreneurship in the Concept of Human Resource Management in SMEs Read article
Authors: Daniel RUSU
7. Value-Added Automation, a Solution for the Future of Work in Automotive Manufacturing in Romania Read article
Authors: Marc Gilbert Joseph BUCHHOLZER
8. Study Regarding the Opinion of Rural Inhabitants About the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Case Study Read article
Authors: Eduard Alexandru DUMITRU, Maria Cristina STERIE
9. The Role of School Managers in the Process of Using Technological Means in the Learning Process During COVID-19 Crisis Read article
Authors: Amna Said AHMAD, Doina DĂNĂIAŢĂ, Alexandru Gavrila
10. Consumption and Consumer Behaviour of Organic Agri-Food Products Read article
Authors: Mahmoud TARHINI
11. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Road Infrastructure Projects Read article
Authors: Cristian BRICICARU, Ioana Natalia BELEIU
12. Comparative Approaches between the North American and European Management System Read article
Authors: Valentin PĂUNA, Ovidiu Andrei Cristian BUZOIANU, Ana Maria BOLOHAN, Laurentiu-Dorel COROBAN
13. Local Labor Market in the Cross-Border Area Read article
Authors: Rusalca VELICU, Ghenadie CIOBANU, Svetlana PLATAGEA GOMBOS, Petru Pavel MOLDOVEANU
14. Comparative Approach of Economic Growth Engines (Senegal vs. Jordan) Using Granger Causality Test Read article
Authors: Cyril MANGA, Sufyan QUDAH, Alexandru CAPATINA
15. Managing the Design Process of an Innovative Training Program for Nurse Educators in Israel Read article
Authors: Yael TALHOF,Nicolae BIBU,Ana NĂSTASE
16. A Conceptual Model and Hypothesis of Firm Bankruptcy: A Romanian Case Study Read article
Authors: Sorin I. BLAGA
17. Stakeholder Management and Social Responsibility: Concepts, Approaches and Tools in the COVID Context Read article