Vol. 22 No. 5 / 2021

1. Conceptual Approaches of Industry 5.0. Correlative Elements with Supply Chain Management 5.0 Read article
Authors: Gheorghe MINCULETE,Ghiță BÂRSAN,Polixenia OLAR
2. Beyond Adaptations and Accommodations: Management Practice that Matters as the Key to Retention of Employees with Autism (Part 1) Read article
Authors: Peter S WONG, Michelle DONELLY, Bill BOYD, Philip A NECK
3. COVID-19 Crisis and International Trade. Two Country Cases Read article
Authors: Adrian Tudor TUDORACHE
4. Assessment of Territorial Disparities in the Context of Socio-Economic Development of the Country։ The Case Study of Armenia Read article
Authors: Hovhannes MELKUMYAN
5. Integrated Management System, Public Institutions, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Agile, Digital Environment Read article
Authors: Sylviu KUMBAKISAKA, Mariana PATRASCU, Cristina BODONI
6. Retail 4.0 and Adoption of Performance of SMES in Malaysia Read article
Authors: Takouhi KOZIKOJOUKIAN
7. The Performance Evaluation System and the Impact on Employee Motivation: Do Performance AppraisaL Rewards Play a Role in Motivating and Engaging Employees? Read article
Authors: Andreea-Daniela TUDOR, Alina-Georgiana PETRE
8. Factors that Trigger Changes in Modern Organizations Read article
Authors: Simona MASCU
9. Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Culture Read article
Authors: Ileana VĂLIMĂREANU, Maria Gabriela HORGA
10. Innovation Performance in Romania and EU’S Member States - A Comparative Approach Read article
Authors: Corina-Cristiana NASTACĂ, Ariana NĂSTĂSEANU, Mădălin Valentin DRĂGUȚ, Claudiu-Emanuel SIMION