Vol. 22 No. 2 / 2021

1. Does Organizational Culture Influence Job Satisfaction? A Comparative Analysis of Two Multinational Companies Read article
Authors: Nicoleta ISAC, Cosmin DOBRIN, Lufuno Patience RAPHALALANI, Mariana Sonko
2. Comparative Analysis of Vocational Training Methods Applied within Organizations Read article
Authors: Alic BÎRCĂ, Igor MATVEICIUC
3. Regional Labor Market Issues in Romania – Symmetry and Inflection Points Based Socio-Economic Factors Read article
Authors: Bogdan-Cristian CHIRIPUCI, Marius CONSTANTIN, Elena Mădălina DEACONU, Albert SCRIECIU
4. A Comparison of China and the Other BRICS Countries: How Did China Surpass the Others? Read article
Authors: Halil DINCER KAYA, Engku Ngah S. ENGKUCHIK
5. Using Cognitive Technology to Drive HR Transformation at Intec in Japan Read article
Authors: Luiza GATAN, Cristian Iulian VLAD, Hideki ISHIDA, Toru TAKAHASHI, Hiroaki KANEKO
6. Due to the Gloomy Economic Outlook EU Fight against Tax Havens Enters a New Phase Read article
Authors: Narciz BĂLĂȘOIU
7. The Impact of US Sanctions on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of Turkey Read article
8. Competitiveness of the SMES: The Factors Influencing Successful Implementation of E-Commerce and E-Supply within Romanian SMEs Businesses Read article
Authors: Nicolae Daniel MĂIȚĂ, Alexandra-Irina (BADEA) PĂDUREAN, Florin CAZACU
9. Stability of Agriculture in Romania Read article
Authors: Marinela ILIE
10. The Effect of the Carrot and Stick Transactional Leadership Style in Motivating Employees in SMEs Read article
Authors: Maria Frangieh, Daniel Rusus
11. Collaborative Economy – A New Framework for Business Organizations Read article
Authors: Maria-Cristina MITRICĂ (PĂDURE)
12. Future-Proof Solutions for Improving Urban Life through Enhanced Public Service Delivery Read article
Authors: Claudiu CREȚU, Andrei BAICU, Alina LIVAN, Mihai Ludovic DEMETER
13. European Competency Frameworks Applied for Improving Quality of Online Training Programs Addressed to Public Administration in Romania Read article
Authors: George MATEESCU, Andrei STANCIU, Alina BLEI