Vol. 21 No. 4 / 2020

1. The Impact of Sustainable Transition of Automation on Employees in the Automotive Sector and the Influence of Corona Pandemic Read article
Authors: Nicoleta ISAC, Cosmin DOBRIN, Waqar BADSHAH
2. Organizational Aspects of the Erasmus+ Mobility: The Case of a Successful Bulgarian-Russian Partnership Read article
Authors: Lyudmila MIHAYLOVA, Anna SVIRINA, Emil PAPAZOV
3. Talent - the New Managerial Resource in Education Read article
Authors: Alina Angela MANOLESCU, Doina DĂNĂIAŢĂ, Valentin MUNTEANU, Alexandru GAVRILĂ
4. Toyota Motor Corporation’s Culture Strategy Read article
Authors: Marius PROFIROIU, Hiroaki KANEKO, Cristian VLAD, Alexandra DUTESCU, Hideki ISHIDA
5. The Role of Communication in the Management of Multicultural Sports Organizations Case Study on Two Women's Volleyball Teams from Romania and Belgium Read article
Authors: Daniel LOVIN, Alexandru CĂPĂȚÎNĂ
6. Better Migration Management Comparative study between Romania and Ukraine Read article
7. The Analysis of the Financial Risk of Trade in Serbia Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC
8. Policies on the Informal Labor Market Regarding Protection of Workers and Entrepreneurs Read article
9. Romania and its Country Image – Then and Now Read article
Authors: Monica ILIE-PRICA
10. A Review and Discussion of Solid Waste Management in Nigeria: Its Challenges and Prospect Read article
Authors: Olufemi Adebayo OROYE
11. The Management of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development during 2014 - 2018 Read article
Authors: Laura-Delia ANGHELUȚĂ, Florin Marian BUHOCIU, Silvius STANCIU
12. Management of Public and Private Organizations, Comparative Approach Read article
Authors: Valentin VEZETEU, Ion VERBONCU
13. The Sources of Revenue Synergies in Mergers & Acquisitions Read article
Authors: Violeta SACUI, Madalina Dumitrita MATICIUC
14. Raycap – a Company Based on Innovation and Values Read article
Authors: Constantinos APOSTOLIDIS, Amalia Venera TODORUȚ
15. The Impact of IoT Technologies on Our Activities Read article
Authors: Mihai C. ORZAN, Adina I. ZARA, Raluca G. CHIVU, Olguţa A. ORZAN
16. Internal Public Audit System in Public Institutions in Romania Read article
Authors: Gabriela Alice RAVDAN