Vol. 20 No. 2 / 2019

1. Increasing the Performance of Agricultural Holdings in Romania - an Imperative for their Management Read article
Authors: David-Nicolae CRECANĂ, Cornel-Dumitru CRECANĂ
2. Employee Complacency and Corporate Demise Read article
Authors: Gary OSTER
3. Mastering the Skills Gap at Systemic Level –The Education Management Information System: A Key Element for an Effective Digital Transformation in Education Read article
Authors: Daniel BŐJTE
4. Milk and Dairies Safety Management. Better understand Consumer Behaviour Read article
Authors: Marko JELOČNIK, Florentina DRAGNE, Iuliana Denisa RĂDULESCU
5. Determining Impacts on Non-Performing Loan Ratio in Romania Read article
Authors: Adriana Daniela CIUREL, Tiberiu STOICA
6. Functional Approaches to SCOR Model in the Supply Chain Management Processes (Part II) Read article
Authors: Gheorghe MINCULETE, Polixenia OLAR
7. Some Considerations regarding the Use of the Game Theory in International Commercial Negotiations Read article
Authors: Răzvan MURARIU
8. Enhancing the potential of SMEs by using European funds in Romania Read article
Authors: Simona MASCU, Manuela Liliana MURESAN
9. Exploring the Relations between Business Intelligence and the Learning Organization Read article
Authors: Laurentiu COROBAN, Alexandru Adrian GAVRILA