Vol. 20 No. 1 / 2019

1. Implementation of a New Performance Management System – Driver for the Change of the Organisational Culture in a Telecommunication Company in the Middle East Read article
Authors: Roxana Elisabeta HURDUBEI (IONESCU), Alina Georgiana PROFIROIU
2. The Impact of Global Crisis on the Subsidies PAID to Retailers and Wholesalers in Eastern European and Central Asian Countries Read article
Authors: Ayse Nilgun BALAS, Halil Dincer KAYA
3. The Relation between Accountability and the Climate of Service in Israeli Public organisations Read article
Authors: Yehuda ELIYA, Nicolae BIBU
4. The Renewable Energy Sector in the European Union - A Statistical Analysis Read article
Authors: Cristian MARINESCU
5. Comparative Analysis of the Characteristics of Public Procurement Systems in Germany, France and Romania Read article
Authors: Ionel PREDA
6. A Complex Analysis of Labour Market in the European Union. Benefits and Barriers for Romania Read article
Authors: Alin Ioan CREȚU, Laurențiu TESCAN
7. The Operational Impact of Changing Collaboration Patterns on Retail Transport Service Providers Read article
Authors: Adriana Florența PĂLĂȘAN, Daniel Dumitru BĂDIȚOIU
8. Risk Management during the Financial Crisis Read article
Authors: Sorin Cristian NITA