Marketing of University Education Necessity, Opportunities and Challenges Kostadin Kolarov

The changes in the modern world, the remarkable trends in the society and the economy, the spread of the life-long learning concept, require a thorough rethinking of the aims of universities as well as the approaches to their achievement. These changes in one way or another have effects on universities, particularly on the way the universities are perceived by their potential clients. And here a question rise how far managerial concepts, techniques and approaches used in different business and non-business organizations, as reflections of the new trends, are appropriate and applicable to universities. Such concept with increasing importance is the marketing concept.
When we speak about marketing of university education, inescapably the use of other business terms follows. First of all those are the terms market, product and service. Thereby the questions come: what are the university products/services, what is the market of university education, respectively which are the university clients? Those as well as the questions about the necessity, opportunities and challenges to implementing marketing concept at universities will be tried to be answered in the present paper.