Vol. 19 No. 5 / 2018

1. Scientific Research and Universities as Knowledge Based Organizations Read article
Authors: Marian NĂSTASE, Margareta FLORESCU, Ileana MIRCIOI (VĂLIMĂRANU)
2. The Analysis of the Operative Profit Margin of Trade Companies in Serbia Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC
3. Practice Enterprises – Key Enablers for the Development of Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills: An FSQCA Approach Read article
Authors: Daniela DAMIAN, Alexandru CAPATINA, Marilena RAPA, Gabriela CHIRU
4. A Strategic Approach to Conflict Management Systems Read article
Authors: Laura Adriana BĂDIȚOIU, Aurelia STĂNESCU
5. Perspectives for the Development of the Collaboration Relations in the Association Forms for Association Forms in the Galaţi County Read article
Authors: Andrei-Mirel FLOREA, Riana RADU, Adriana MOCANU PUSTIANU, Silvius STANCIU
6. The Gender Gap: Past, Present and Perspectives Read article
Authors: Frank ELBERS, Ana-Maria GRIGORE
7. Energy Efficiency in the Romanian Industry Read article
Authors: Roxana CLODNIȚCHI
8. A New Management Book: “How we Manage? between Amateurism and Professionalism” Read article
Authors: Cezar-Petre SIMION