Vol. 19 No. 4 / 2018

1. The Influence of Education on Subjective Underemployment: Research on Multinational Corporations in Romania Read article
Authors: Vlad I. ROȘCA, Oana-Lorena ȚEPOSU
2. The Role of the Shared Value “Justice” in the Management Approach of Educational Organizations of Rabbi Hirsch Read article
Authors: Yochanan KIRSCHENBOIM
3. Impact of Digitalization in Business World Read article
Authors: Magdalena Alina ILCUS
4. Influences on Urban Competitiveness Development from the Perspectives of Business and Local Authorities Read article
Authors: Ruxandra-Irina POPESCU, Răzvan-Andrei CORBOȘ, Ovidiu-Iulian BUNEA
5. Flexicurity of the Labor Market through the Formal/Informal Duality, in the Context of Globalization Read article
Authors: Cristian MARINESCU
6. Does the sector matters? An empirical investigation of job satisfaction and performance evaluation process based on Romanian employees’ perceptions Read article
Authors: Alexandra BEIU, Adriana AnaMaria DAVIDESCU
7. What isn’t the Managerial Decision? A Different Point of View on the Most Important Activity of a Manager Read article
Authors: Ionuț-Dacian CEHAN
8. The Impact of Competition on Productivity. Theory and Evidence Read article
Authors: Iuliana-Tania ZLATCU, Roxana CLODNITCHI
9. Technology Transfer Related Concepts Read article
Authors: Irina Iulia SALANȚĂ, Ioana Natalia BELEIU, Alin MIHĂILĂ, Emil Lucian CRIȘAN