Vol. 19 No. 3 / 2018

1. Opportunities and Risks of the Agile Software Development Management in the IT Field Read article
Authors: Maria Alexandra MAASSEN
2. Social Innovation through Urban Regeneration – A Local Model Read article
Authors: Andreea-Alexandra ANECHITEI
3. Modernization of the General Reporting Framework for Accomplishing Corporate Governance Requirements Read article
Authors: Bilal JIBAI
4. Corporate Restructuring and Tax Arbitrage Strategies at International Level Read article
Authors: Anda Simona RĂDULESCU, Cristian DÎRVĂ
5. Climate Change and the Absence of an International Investment Organization Read article
Authors: Hilmar Þór HILMARSSON
6. Accountability and service quality in public service in Israel Read article
Authors: Yehuda ELIYA
7. Accountability, Taking Responsibility and Protection of Minorities and their Influence on the Police Organization Performance Read article
Authors: Nicolae BIBU, Bashir GHANIM
8. Rabbi Hirsch values and principles and McKinsey 7 S model. Past and Future in Israeli School Management Read article
Authors: Yochanan KIRSCHENBOIM
9. Research&Development&Innovation Sector in Romania. Management and Market Concentration Read article
Authors: Silvius STANCIU, Cezar Ionut BICHESCU