Vol. 18 No. 5 / 2017

1. Using Failure Analysis Learning in Business School Instruction Read article
Author: Gary OSTER
2. Economic and Financial Dynamics of the Crisis of an Important Italian Bank Read article
Author: Pietro PAVONE
3. The Implications of Abortion Underground’s Institutionalization for the Management Studies Read article
Authors: Bartosz PŁOTKA, Cristina-Iulia GHENU
4. Reflections on Some Complex Management Methods: Management by Objectives and Management Based on Profit Centres Read article
5. Evaluation of the Potential for Development of the Economic Cooperation in Euro-region Ruse-Giurgiu after the end of the Programming Period 2007-2013 Read article
Authors: Viktoriya IVANOVA, Milena KIROVA
6. Planning, Implementing and Evaluating in Sports Coaching Read article
Authors: Vlad I. ROŞCA
7. Deferred Taxes in Trade Read article
Authors: Radojko LUKIC
8. Seeking Truth from Facts and Figures Only? The Logic of Economics and China’s Miracles Read article
Authors: Octavian-Dragomir JORA, Alexandru BUTISEACĂ, Mihaela IACOB