Vol. 18 No. 4 / 2017

1. Servant Leadership: An Ancient Style with 21st Century Relevance Read article
Authors: Franco GANDOLFI, Seth STONE, Frank DENO
2. The Influence of Leadership in Teachers' Practice in Bedouin High Schools Read article
Authors: Salih AL ASAD, Doina DĂNĂIAŢĂ, Marian NĂSTASE
3. Employment Trends and Particularities in the Republic of Moldova and the European Union Read article
Authors: Alic BÎRCĂ, Alla MĂMĂLIGĂ
4. Pitfall of Current three Lines of Defence Definition in Financial Service Sector Read article
Authors: Doiniţa CIOCÎRLAN
5. The Impact of the Official Language Knowledge upon the Integration of Romanian Immigrants to the UK Read article
Authors: Elena TĂLMĂCIAN
6. Using Internal Marketing Communications to Improve HRM in Service-Based Sports Organizations Read article
Authors: Vlad I. ROŞCA
7. Liquidity - a Changing Concept, within the Post crisis Environment Read article
Authors: Dan Costin NIŢESCU, Florin Alexandru DUN
8. Choosing the Size of Agricultural Holdings at the European Union level - A Decision of their Strategic Management Read article
Authors: David-Nicolae CRECANĂ