Vol. 18 No. 1 / 2017

1. Bioeconomy – an Interdisciplinary Approach Read article
Authors: Stefania Daniela BRAN, Iuliana DOBRE
2. The Emergence of Leadership Styles: A Clarified Categorization Read article
Authors: Franco GANDOLFI, Seth STONE
3. Exploratory Study on Student’s Entrepreneurial Intentions in Developed and Emerging Countries Read article
Authors: Renata Dana NITU-ANTONIE, Emoke-Szidónia FEDER
4. Theoretical Considerations on eGovernment in Romania and Bulgaria Read article
Author: Gheorghe PACURAR
5. Awareness of the Concepts of Knowledge-based Economy and Organization within Romanian SMEs Read article
Authors: Daniel URÎTU, ?tefan-Florin CORCODEL, Ion Alexandru TANASE
6. Organizational Culture in Romanian Retail Read article
Author: Alicia-Georgiana ZALUPCA
7. The Size of Farms in the European Union - a Challenge to their Management Read article
Author: David-Nicolae CRECANA
8. The Role of Financial Instruments and their Impact on the SME Sector Read article
Author: Dumitru NANCU
9. An Empirical Research regarding the Food Waste Phenomenon in Romania Compared to Other Countries from European Union Read article
Author: Marian Iulian NEDELCU
10. The View of Educational Institutions Managers on SIIIR Read article
Author: Claudia Tatiana MUNTEAN
11. Romanian macroeconomic Indicators during 2008-2015 Read article
Author: Dragos-Mihai PANAGORET
12. Building a Strong Organizational Culture for Sustainable Development of Tourism Companies Read article
Authors: Marian NASTASE, Ileana VALIMAREANU