Vol. 17 No. 5 / 2016

1. The Financial Crisis� Impact on the Central and Eastern Europe Capital Markets Read article
Authors: Daniel Stefan ARMEANU, Adrian ENCIU, Carmen OBREJA, Sorin-Iulian CIOACA
2. Factors Strengthening the Involvement of Employees and Their Role in Knowledge Management in an Enterprise: An Empirical Evidence from Polish Companies Read article
3. The Romanian Public Television� A New Beginning. Proposals and Strategies to Defeat the Crisis Read article
Author: Ion STAVRE
4. Research on Change Management into Small Family Businesses Read article
Author: Eduard CEPTUREANU
5. Promotional Mix and Integration of Communication into Management Policy - Case Study Read article
Author: Doina I. POPESCU
6. Entrepreneurship, Management and Leadership. An Organizational Perspective Read article
Authors: Vladimir-Codrin IONESCU, Ana-Maria GRIGORE
7. The Efficiency Model of an Alliance Creation Process Read article
Authors: Diana Larisa Ionel TAMPU, Ion COCHINA