Vol. 17 No. 4 / 2016

1. A Comparative Approach of Cultural Intelligence Profile of Management and Non-Management Romanian Students Read article
Authors: Laura BRANCU, Valentin MUNTEANU, Ionut GOLET
2. A Systematic Approach to Project Related Concepts of Scrum Read article
Authors: Necmettin OZKAN, Civan KUCUK
3. Online Communication and E-Commerce Dynamics in the European Union. A Consumer-Based Approach Read article
Authors: Elena-Alexandra GORGOS, Elena-Madalina VATAMANESCU
4. An analysis of Knowledge Processing based Mobilisation and Distribution for Intelligent Enterprises Read article
Author: Vasile MAZILESCU
5. Iceland, Economic Integration and the European Union Read article
Author: Hilmar ��r HILMARSSON
6. Crop Management. Case Study: Romanian Soybean Production Read article
Author: Silvius STANCIU
7. Liquidity Management and the Banking Lending Mechanism Read article
Authors: Dan Costin NITESCU, Florin Alexandru DUNA