Vol. 14 No. 5 / 2013

1. The Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Managerial Methodological System Read article
Authors: Ion VERBONCU, Stefan-Florin CORCODEL
2. Elton Mayo, an Enthusiastical Managerial Philosopher Read article
Authors: Gh. Gh. IONESCU, Adina Letitia NEGRUSA
3. Participate (or not) in International Trade Fairs? Decision Factors of Portuguese Managers Read article
Authors: José de Freitas SANTOS, Pedro Bruno Mendonēa da SILVA
4. Minding the Cultural Gaps between Different Countries - A Real Challenge for the International Managers Read article
Authors: Alexandru CAPATĪNA, George SCHIN
5. The Strategic Role of the Material Resources Ensuring Management in a Crisis Context Read article
Authors: Cārstea GHEORGHE, Oana PAUN
6. Mass Media, in Search of a New Management and Business Model Read article
Author: Ion STAVRE
7. The Influence of Working Assets Efficiency Management on the Profitability of Trade in Serbia Read article
Author: Radojko LUKIC
8. Considerations Regarding the Application of Management Tools in Public Institutions - CAF (Common Assessment Framework) in a Romanian Regional Context Read article
Authors: Mircea BACALA, Nicolae BIBU
9. Management Planning and Health Read article
Authors: Laura Elena ILIESCU, Anca-Gabriela PETRESCU, Cosmin ILIESCU, Gabriela-Elena PETRESCU
10. The Creativity and Problem Solving for Qualitative Situations Read article
Author: Florin FARCAS
11. Innovation Management – Solution in the Context of the Contemporary Society Challenges Read article
Author: Cristina VLASCEANU
12. Characteristics of the Cloud Computing Model as a Disruptive Innovation Read article
Authors: Ioana CATINEAN, Dan CĀNDEA