RICM's mission is to develop a high performance management in Central and Eastern European companies. The new approach should be based on modern managerial techniques used in world-wide competitive companies, especially in European Union, USA and Japan.

By publishing the review, ERNCCMS aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • development of the research school in the field of comparative management in Romania;
  • improvement in the training process for professors, specialists, consultants who teach in or deal with international compararative management;
  • sensibilisation of managers, entrepreneurs a.s.o. with regard to the cultural similarities and difficulties among different regions, countries, and their impact over business relationships;
  • amplification and acceleration of international managerial know-how transfer.
  • material size has to be of 7-12 pages;
  • an abstract of about 100 - 150 words;
  • 5 key words;
  • font type: Times New Roman;
  • letters size: 11;
  • text editor: Microsoft Word.

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