Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (RMCI) is a peer-reviewed journal, with a regional and global perspective, focused directly on the evolving field of national and international management research, practice and policy. Using an effective combination of academic research and business-led best practices, RMCI aims to develop new knowledge and understanding in important areas of management. The journal attempts to understand different comparative approaches in managing organisations in different countries, to present methodologies and techniques that contribute to the managerial know - how transfer and to highlight how human resources, information, products and financial resources are managed in different social, economic, political and technological environment. Cross-cultural investigations are welcomed. The journal also encourages submissions from practitioners in the field of management that can bring important contributions to the literature in the field.

Prior to submission, authors are strongly encouraged to review past volumes of RMCI. 

In general, RMCI publishes the following types of contributions:


Peer review process

RMCI journal operates under a double-blind peer review model. Papers will only be sent to review if the Editors evaluate that the papers meet the appropriate quality and relevance requirements. 

In-house submissions, like papers authored by Editors or Editorial Board members of the journal, will be sent to reviewers unaffiliated with the author or institution and monitored carefully to ensure there is no peer review bias. Also, the journal editors ensure that the reviewers are independent of the authors, are not affiliated with the same institution, are not relatives and are not members of the same research project during the review.  


The following stages are used in the peer-review process:

1.    Preliminary Stage

All submitted articles must pass through the peer-review process in order to be published in Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (Review of International Comparative Management).

The articles will be sent to the journal using on-line correspondence (by email) at Within 7 days from the on-line correspondence submission date the author will receive a confirmation email. The article will receive a unique identification number, which will be used during the review process and also during the publishing process, ensuring an objective assessment of the paper.

The articles written by authors who haven't earned the scientific degree "Ph. D" (or any other equivalent) will be assessed to the peer-review process only if the article is accompanied by a written recommendation from an expert in the field of activity the article refers to.

2.    The peer-review  objective

The peer-review objective is to reach an adequate scientific level for all the published articles and also to bring-up new significant contributions in the approached fields of activity.

3.    Defining peer-review procedures

The peer-review procedures applied by Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (Review of International Comparative Management) are:

"Editorial Board Peer-Review" (the assessment is performed by members of the Editorial Board). All Editorial Board members are also members of the academic community.

"Expert Peer-Review" (the scientific assessment is performed by representative members of the scientific community). All reviewers have earned the scientific degree "Ph. D." and are experts in their fields of activity. The journal editors ensure that the reviewers are independent of the authors, are not affiliated with the same institution, are not relatives and are not members of the same research project during the review.  

4.    Editorial Board Peer-Review - detailed presentation

The papers submitted, in order to be published in RMCI, are initially reviewed by the Editorial Board members (using the Editorial Board Peer-Review procedure). The goal of this procedure is to determine the manner in which the submitted articles integrate with the journal's standards, characteristics and its fields of activity.

Editorial Board Peer-Review aims on the following editorial requests:

   the papers have to fit thematically in the journal's profile;

   submitted materials have to bring out original items, with current interest;

   the papers must have high scientific content;

   articles must be presented without political interests;

   articles must be presented without containing classified data;

   the author(s) can publish a single article in each issue of the review;

   material size has to be of 7-12 pages;

   an abstract of 100 - 150 words;

   5 key words;

   JEL classification of the current article;

   quotations from literature has to be in a uniform style, both in text and in footnotes. In text: (Hofstede, 1997) or (Hofstede, 1997, pp 124);

   footnotes or references will have the next format: name, initial of first name, paper title, printing house, city of publishing, year of publishing;

   font type: Times New Roman;

   letters size: 12;

   space between lines: single;

   text editor: Microsoft Word.

The preliminary evaluation (Editorial Board Peer-Review) can be considered complete with the paper inclusion in one of the specific topics of Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (Review of International Comparative Management). These fields can be consulted by the authors on the website.

5.    Expert Peer-Review - detailed presentation 

 "Expert Peer-Review" procedure is realised by two distinct scientific reviewers, who are members of the academic community and who earned the scientific degree of Prof Ph. D., Senior Lecturer Ph. D. or 1st and 2nd degree scientific researcher. If necessary, the paper can be reviewed by a third scientific reviewer, from the members of RMCI Editorial Board.

Scientific reviewers are chosen using the specialisation criteria. The specialisation should match with the field of activity in which the article was included after the "Editorial Board Peer-Review" procedure.

The appointed members from the Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (Review of International Comparative Management) will receive, in advance, the material in order to be analysed. The scientific meeting will be based on the use of the peer-review forms. During these scientific meetings one of the two (three) reviewers will be appointed leader and will have the responsibility for the accurateness and clarity of the information and also for the confidential transfer of information towards the Chief Editor of RMCI.

The Expert Peer-Review assesses the article through the following scientific criteria:

a Scientific content quality

        the correlation between the paper content and the scientific base; - the manner in which the analysis models are implemented in the material; - originality of the submitted subject.

a The paper relevance, impact and importance

        the paper relevance upon academic research activities;

        the paper impact upon the fields that have connections with the article.

a Technical content quality

        the relevance of bibliographic sources;

        text clarity, text concision and text accuracy;

        the lack of errors, wrong concepts and ambiguities in the presented paper.

The detailed presentation for the scientific criteria can be consulted on the RMCI peer-review form.

"Expert Peer-Review" scientific assessment process concludes by granting the paper with one of the following ratings: "accepted", "accepted, with changes", or "rejected". This rating is given by the scientific reviewers, using the previous presented criteria.

6.    Peer-Review Form 

Peer-Review form can be defined as the background of the peer-review process. Initially, this form has to be filled in by RMCI Chief Editor, and, afterwards, by the appointed reviewers from the Editorial Board. The form will then be delivered back to the Editorial Board both for storage and for acknowledgement of the author about the reviewers' decision and possible suggestions.

7.    Authors' and Reviewers' rights and responsibilities 

Authors' rights:

a.  The authors of the submitted papers have the right to keep in touch with the Editorial Board during the entire peer-review process in order to receive all the information regarding the stage of the process in which the material is.

b.  The authors of the papers have the right to request any extra information from the Editorial Board if the paper is rejected by the reviewers. 

c.  During the peer-review process, authors' identity is protected against the reviewers that are appointed to assess the article.

d.  The authors have the right to request justifications if the deadlines, stipulated at point 8, are outrun. 

Authors' responsibilities:

a.  The authors have the responsibility to ensure that the orthographic correction was made before the submission of the articles.

b.  The authors have the responsibility to provide an adequate bibliography according to the reference materials;

c.  The authors have the responsibility to respect Law number 206/2004 concerning the fair-play in scientific research activities;

d.  The authors should declare on their own responsibility that the material hasn't been published in other journals.

Note: It is supposed that authors know and respect the Law concerning Copyright.


 Reviewers' rights :

a.  The reviewers have private access to the RMCI website, using individualised accounts.

b.  The reviewers are authorised to make the necessary recommendations to the submitted article in order to reach the demanded requests.

c.  The reviewers have the autonomy to referee the material with the desired qualitative after realising the scientific review.

 Reviewers' responsibilities: 

a.  The reviewers are authorised to refer only to the material that was appointed to them.

b.  The reviewers have the responsibility not to outrun the deadlines stipulated at point 8. As a consequence, the peer-review form must be sent in an electronic form or using any other form.

Note: RMCI's Chief Editor has the authority to decide regarding publishing of the article in the review.

8.    Deadlines 

Confirmation for the received materials to the Editorial Board of RMCI has to be made within 7 days.

Within 30 days from receiving the confirmation, the Editorial Board will send the authors an email notifying the decision about publishing the material. 

The period of time between the confirmation e-mail and the publishing date of a material usually doesn't exceed 9 months, depending on the journal periodicity, the already-existing article portfolio and the subjects approached by each review issue.

9.    Final observations 

The scientific reviewers and the Editorial Board are not responsible for any orthographical and content mistakes. All responsibility for the articles' content stays with the papers' authors.


Papers requirements

All the articles submitted to RMCI should be written in English. Consequently, we kindly ask the authors whose first language is not English to ensure that their paper is correctly written in a professional English language. Manuscripts must be original and have not been published elsewhere. The papers should follow the RMCI template: RMCI_requirements_En The manuscripts together with RMCI Copyright and Ethics Agreement Form and RMCI Publishing Agreement Form will be sent to the following e-mail address:

Please note that the editorial team reserves the right to reject a manuscript in a preliminary stage of the evaluation process if it does not comply with the requirements of the journal presented in this section and in other sections of the journal website.

Open Access Statement

Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (Review of International Comparative Management) publishes fully open access articles. In accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative, open access articles are defined as the articles for which there is a permission "to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, crawl them for indexing, pass them as data to software, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without financial, legal, or technical barriers other than those inseparable from gaining access to the internet itself".


Revista de Management Comparat Internațional (Review of International Comparative Management) publishes open access articles distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution License BY-SA ( This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use. If you remix, adapt, or build upon the material, you must license the modified material under identical terms.


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